Examining Statistics for 2019 Fire Incident and Response in NYC

Examining Statistics for 2019 Fire Incident and Response in NYCThe Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) responds to around 2,200 structural fire calls each month. This number is staggering, especially considering that many landowners ignore measures that could reduce the risk of fires in their homes.

Seeing how often these emergencies happen in the city, it really emphasizes the importance of professional fire stopping services in New York City for building owners. Fire-stopping services reduce the likelihood of a fire in your structure, allowing you to be a confident owner or resident.

Statistics for Fire Incident and Response in NYC

On average, the FDNY responds to structural fires in 4 minutes and 28 seconds, which is measured as beginning when the dispatcher receives the 911 call and ending when the FDNY unit arrives at the scene. When thinking about that response time, you have to remember fires usually start before the 911 call is made and last until after the FDNY arrives. While the FDNY can typically prevent the destruction of structures, structural fires can still lead to severe and irreversible damages within that 4 minute, 28-second time frame, or even longer in some instances.

Brooklyn has the highest number of structural fires in New York City at around 650 per month. The borough also has the quickest FDNY response time at about 4 minutes. Still, 4 minutes can prove destructive and even deadly for a property and its tenants. This lag highlights the importance of fire protection systems, which can prevent catastrophic damages once a fire has started. These systems improve the integrity of a building’s floors, walls, and other structures susceptible to fires.

Queens is the borough with the slowest FDNY response time at 4:50, while the other three boroughs have a response time that hovers around 4:30. Across the board, fire stopping services are essential to mitigate damages and limit a fire’s ability to spread. The FDNY is equipped to handle fires, but they cannot arrive at the scene in a millisecond. Therefore, you should prepare your commercial building or home for the worst of situations.

Implementing reliable fire stopping measures and services can make a big difference in preserving both lives and building integrity. Read more about Total Fire Protection’s

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