Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression SystemsA kitchen is the center of a restaurant—where orders turn into meals and where cooks hone their skills. It is in the kitchen, too, where restaurant fires are most likely to occur. As statistics indicate, kitchen fires can destroy businesses and lives. Without a restaurant fire suppression system, restaurant owners are exposing themselves to financial, moral, and legal risks. 

Restaurant fire suppression systems are unique because they don’t exclusively use water to extinguish fires.

Many kitchen fires are sparked by grease, and adding water to a grease fire only increases its breadth. Instead, restaurant fire suppression systems use two methods to extinguish fires. First, a suppression system will automatically cut off a restaurant’s gas line to reduce the spread of fire. Then, the systems will emit water-based chemicals from Class K extinguishers that act to combat grease fires.

Your restaurant should install and maintain its fire suppression system to avoid monetary and legal risks to your business. How, though, do you choose the correct restaurant fire suppression system? First, you should find the system that best suits your kitchen. Your best option will depend on the size of your kitchen, the materials it uses, whether your kitchen has natural gas, and whether you need any custom additions to the system. 

The best systems will act quickly and efficiently.

Let’s say, for example, that a small and isolated fire begins on your cooking range. Your system should be able to extinguish the fire promptly without cutting off or ruining your kitchen. At the same time, your system should also be equipped to extinguish massive fires, even if it’s necessary to shut down the kitchen temporarily. Do you feel lost? If you need a hand choosing the right system for you, contact Total Fire Protection’s experts today. 

If your restaurant is in New York, you’re legally required to have professionals inspect your system on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re exposing yourself to increased fire risks and legal action. These laws exist to help you and your business—by ignoring them, you’re risking harm to both entities.

Don’t risk breaking laws: Consult Total Fire Protection today to find experts who install, maintain, and clean restaurant fire suppression systems.