How Often Your Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duct Must Be Cleaned

If you have a kitchen in your business building, you likely have certain safety features. One group of safety features includes the kitchen hood and duct. This type of fire safety product helps contain fires that start in the kitchen.

What is a Hood and Duct System?

A hood and duct system is essential for your commercial kitchen. This safety tool pulls away smoke, grease, heat, moisture, and other potential fire-producing hazards so you can cook safely and efficiently. However, it would be best if you made sure the kitchen hood and duct system were clean and clear so that it works well and does so safely.

How They Become Fire Hazards

Even though the hood and duct system helps prevent fires, they can also become a fire hazard if not maintained correctly. When a hood and duct system isn’t cleaned periodically, grease and dirt particles can collect, making the system a flammable product. If a fire breaks out in the cooking area, the flames can travel up to the grease buildup in the hood and duct, thereby making it an even more severe fire situation.

Benefits of Cleaning Them

The best way to prevent your hood and duct system from working against your fire prevention goals is to have this item cleaned and inspected regularly. When you clean your hood and duct system regularly, you’re taking the necessary steps to keep this area clear and do the job it’s supposed to do. When you have a professional fire safety company inspect your hood and duct system, you can rest easy knowing your kitchen safety tool is ready to go.

Risk of Not Cleaning This System

If you don’t clean your kitchen hood and duct system regularly, you are at risk for a severe fire situation. This fire emergency could cause property damage, injuries, and even death. Therefore, it’s not something you should take lightly. Take the necessary steps to ensure your kitchen hood and duct system are clean and ready for use.

How Often to Clean the Hood and Duct System

The frequency of hood and duct system cleanings depends on a few factors, including the type of system, use of the system, material buildup, and what the brand manufacturer recommends. For example, a restaurant that experiences heavy cooking volume with high amounts of grease may require cleaning every 30 days, while another restaurant with a low-level cooking volume with little grease buildup may need cleaning every six months. You may also have specific local rules and regulations to comply with when cleaning the hood and duct system in your commercial kitchen.

Warning Signs You Need to Clean the Kitchen Hood and Duct System

In addition to cleaning your kitchen hood and duct system periodically, there are some warning signs to look for that let you know it’s time to clean your hood and duct. Some warning signs that you should clean your system include strange sounds coming from the motor, a visual buildup of grease, and a lack of smoke removal through the system when cooking.

When it’s time to inspect and clean your commercial kitchen hood and duct system, Total Fire Protection can help.

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