The Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System

With the prevalence of kitchen fires, it’s no wonder that kitchen fire suppression systems are necessary fire safety tools. You can add this type of system to your bar, restaurant, or event facility, and ensure that the cooking you do in your building is carried out in a safe manner. Should a fire occur, you can rest easy knowing your kitchen fire suppression system will help to contain the dangerous element.

What is a Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

A kitchen fire suppression system is a fire safety system that prevents fires from traveling from your kitchen area to other areas in the building. With a kitchen fire suppression system in place, should a fire occur, you’ll feel better knowing the flames will be contained and not spread throughout your facility. It’s important that you have one of these fire safety systems and that your kitchen fire suppression system is updated to do the best job possible. If you don’t have an updated system, it may not work as it should.

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your System

It’s a good idea to ensure your kitchen fire suppression system is the best it can be. Here are five reasons to upgrade your system:

  1. Parts may be worn: Kitchen fire suppression systems get worn parts every so often. Therefore, it may be time for a system upgrade.
  2. The lifespan of the system may be up: This type of fire suppression system doesn’t last forever and its lifespan may be almost up. When a system gets too old, it may be time for a new one.
  3. Code updates may have occurred: Fire codes may have changed and what once was in compliance may not be the case now.
  4. Building upgrades may have occurred: If you upgraded parts of the building, the new setup may no longer be compatible with your kitchen fire suppression system.
  5. Incompatible system issues: You may need to upgrade your system if you recently performed a retrofit.

If any of these previously mentioned events occurred, it may be time for a kitchen fire suppression system upgrade!

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