The Top 6 Benefits of Thermal, Fever-Screening Technology

A fire alarmWith the threat of COVID-19, the “new normal” for businesses across the country now involves daily temperature screening for every single person entering a place of business. While this may be realistic for some smaller businesses, many businesses are ditching the thermometers and turning to more efficient solutions. Below, we’re discussing what thermal, fever-screening technology is as well as the top 6 benefits of having it installed at your place of business.

What is Fever-Screening Technology?

Fever-screening technology is any system designed to take a subject’s internal temperature without the need for contact in a fast, effective, and precise manner. It can involve thermal cameras, dedicated temperature stations, and contactless, handheld infrared guns.

How it Works

All of the fever-screening technology mentioned above works by using harmless infrared radiation, which gets reflected back off of a person’s skin and read by the camera, temperature station, or infrared thermometer gun.

Some systems compare the subject’s temperature reading to a neutral reading, while others can self-calibrate and determine the internal temperature based on just a single scan.

Fever-screening technology is becoming more and more commonplace to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but what are the biggest benefits?

Benefit 1: It helps reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. One of the key symptoms in infected people is an elevated temperature, and using infrared scanning can rapidly determine if an individual’s temperature is at all elevated.

Benefit 2: Because the technology is computer-controlled and uses infrared technology, temperature readings can be taken rapidly, even for a large number of people.

Benefit 3: All temperature readings that are conducted by thermal technology are contactless, so they require minimal cleaning between uses.

Benefit 4: These systems are foolproof, so specialists and non-specialists alike can operate the cameras, software, and hardware easily and without much training.

Benefit 5: In addition to the readings being contactless and safe for those being screened, the operator remains completely safe from possible infection throughout readings as well.

Benefit 6: Thermal technology doesn’t depend on ambient temperature, so it can be used for temperature screening in large, mid-sized, or small areas.

More and more businesses are installing thermal, fever-screening technology to allow rapid temperature screening of employees and customers.