Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Protect yourself and your building from costly problems.

Winter weather is here, but it’s not too late to prepare!

winter freezeSprinkler system pipes and water tanks can freeze without the right treatments, costing you serious time and money to repair them. However, you can protect yourself and your building from costly problems by taking preventative steps.

During cold weather, you can help prevent pipes and water tanks from freezing by taking these steps:

  • Schedule your building to be inspected for potentially problematic areas or low antifreeze levels
  • Inspect your water tanks and sprinkler pipes’ insulation and controls for potential issues
  • Examine areas like attics and car garages where exterior air flows in freely
  • Set your thermostat higher in your building than usual, but still at a comfortable temperature
  • Confirm all your air vents are open and dispensing warm air into the building

Total Fire Protection is here to prepare your sprinkler system pipes and water tanks for the winter, and for any emergency service during freeze-ups.

For all your winter & emergency service needs, Call (718) 285-7555 or request a free quote!