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The Truth About Who Can Maintain and Inspect your Fire Alarm System

There are many misconceptions surrounding who can maintain your Fire Alarm system and who owns your systems software

Below we’ll discuss the truth behind these misconceptions and what you can do to find the best service for your fire alarm system.


My fire alarm system is proprietary, and only the original installer can service it.


This is a common misconception. The truth is, any state-licensed fire alarm company can inspect, test, and maintain any fire alarm system, regardless of who installed it.

Even the major manufactures that are proprietary only maintain about 50% of what they sell. The other 50% is maintained, tested, and inspected by other qualified state-licensed fire alarm service providers.

This means ANY licensed distributor can add a new smoke detector to your system or perform the necessary maintenance and service that your system requires.


I signed a contract with my fire alarm installer, and now I’m legally obligated to stay with the same provider.


Fire alarm contracts are cancelable. Meaning, they are cancelable if your vendor is mistreating you or not providing the necessary services requested.


Another fire alarm service provider cannot access my fire alarm panels because they require a password that only the installer knows.


Everyone has the right to own their software, including their panels’ passwords. And all manufacturer panels come with a default password. If you’d like to have another qualified company maintain your fire alarms, you have the legal right to request these passwords and software from your current fire alarm servicing provider.

Now that you know the truth about your fire alarm system, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and do what’s best for your system and your safety.

Find a state-licensed manufacturer certified fire alarm service provider who offers the best services to meet your needs.

A Trusted Fire Alarm Service Provider

For the past 20 years, Total Fire Protection has worked in facilities like yours throughout the nation, inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire alarm systems and integrated technology to ensure they adhere to all national and local fire codes, AHJ regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and keep people safe.

Additionally, TFP wants to be certain that you never feel “trapped” or “locked-in” to anything by always offering complete transparency when installing, maintaining, or repairing your system.

Expert Technicians & Service

TFP’s expert technicians are NICET-trained and manufacturer certified to upgrade, inspect, test, and maintain fire alarm systems and integrated technology at buildings like yours.

Ready to ensure your system is in compliance by properly choosing a company that is providing you with manufacturer certified technicians, licensed professionals, who are capable of upgrading, inspecting, testing and maintaining your existing system?

Contact us here or at 516-874-2343.

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