Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Total Fire Protection installs and maintains pre-action fire sprinkler systems throughout the New York City area.

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems employ the concept of a dry pipe fire sprinkler system. In pre-action sprinkler systems, water isn’t contained within the pipes themselves. Instead of holding water from piping via pressurized air or nitrogen, pre-action systems restrain water with an electrically operated pre-action valve.

Total Fire Protection specializes in the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of pre-action pipe fire sprinkler systems for companies that operate high-hazard industrial and commercial applications—including archival vaults, fine art storage rooms, rare book libraries, and computer centers.

*Our maintenance programs include:

  • Monthly Visual Inspections
  • Quarterly Testing
  • Semi-Annual Testing
  • Annual Testing

*As required by NFPA 25 and NYC Fire Codes

Contact Total Fire Protection today and we will both survey your facility and help you establish a maintenance program that meets your needs and all regulatory requirements.

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