Safety Products

Total Fire Protection offers a wide variety of safety products including:

  • Eye Wash Station (Self Contained or Piped)Nationwide Fire Protection Services
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Ladders, Fire Blankets, Flashlights
  • D.O.T. Supplies
  • Hard Hats, Gloves, Safety Glasses
  • Flammable Storage Cabinets and much more…

Some facts about our: Emergency Eyewash Station:

  • Self-Contained/No PlumbingNationwide Fire Protection Services
  • Factory-Sealed Fluid Cartridges
  • Eyesaline Solution
  • Constant Flow Rate
  • Fluid Reservoir
  • 24 Month Cartridge Rate
  • Easy Cartridge Replacement
  • 15-Minute Flushing Period

Please contact us today for our product catalog. You can see the products listed above and many more. Remember that we provide onsite surveys to help you meet your safety goals.

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