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Who We Are

Total Fire Protection (TFP) is one of the most trusted fire and life safety providers in the country. Since 1999, TFP has provided world-class fire and life safety services to hundreds of corporate and municipal clients across the United States.

Our Mission

TFP has grown into the industry leader we are today by executing our mission, which would not be possible without our valued employees and customers.

We pride ourselves on creating an engaging and rewarding work environment for everyone who works for us.

Our employees allow us to provide our customers with world-class fire and life safety services 365 days a year. And we strive to build long-lasting relationships with every client we serve.

With that said, our mission is:

Embracing Relationships,

while keeping you safe

and delivering First Class Service.

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Our Services

Part of our mission statement is to keep our customers safe. And we do that by providing world-class fire and life safety services all year round. Our consistency is key because fire safety codes and regulations can rapidly change on a local, state, and national level. To keep you in compliance, our certified fire safety technicians ensure your building always meets the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, OSHA regulations, and local laws. Our friendly techs have decades of experience keeping facilities of all types and sizes up to code and ensuring that occupants are safe. With TFP, your people are always protected, and your building is always prepared for an inspection by the fire department or a fire marshal.

To provide the best possible service, every TFP customer is assigned a dedicated fire safety consultant. Our consultants help them implement reliable and cost-effective fire and life safety solutions based on their unique needs. This consultation includes a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of our fire and life safety services, which we provide to every organization we work with.

TFP also provides emergency fire protection services 24 hours a day, seven days a week across NYC & the Tri-state area.   

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Our Core Values

The level of dedication we pour into our services directly reflects our core values. TFP’s core values are the basis upon which all of our employees make decisions, conduct business, and interact with others. They reflect what is important to us as a company and as individuals.

Our core values are as follows:

Being evolutionary allows us to embrace change, continue to learn, and stay fully engaged for constant improvement.

No matter what challenge we set forth – together we accomplish it better.

When your word is what matters most, we deliver on our promises.

Building trust, respect, and loyalty is the heart of our culture.

Our passion starts with our employees, our clients, and the community.

Corporate responsibility and giving back to our community are also essential parts of TFP’s values as a company. Learn more about how the TFP Cares program helps to support the Kids for Kids Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Cancer Society, and many more.

Why TFP Is One of the Nation’s Most Trusted

TFP gives back to its customers with the same passion and dedication that it provides for its community. This is how we’ve built trust with hundreds of companies like yours across the nation. And we want you to select a trusted fire safety vendor as well.

When choosing a vendor for your fire and life safety needs, you should carefully vet the company to ensure they are properly licensed and bonded. Trusted companies like TFP go above and beyond what the rules and regulations require.

Below are a set of rules TFP abides by that have made us one of the most trusted fire safety providers in the nation: 

  • We will never falsely claim or imply that we work for your local fire department or any other government agency
  • Our technicians and salespeople only wear clothes with the TFP logo
  • Our technicians will never arrive unannounced claiming they need to work on or replace your fire systems or equipment
  • You have a right to call us any time to confirm one of our technicians is a TFP employee
  • Our technicians and salespeople will never threaten you with fines or penalties if you choose not to purchase our products or services
  • Our salespeople and technicians have a complete understanding of the products and services they sell
  • We will always provide you with a receipt for any product or service sold
  • Our technicians and salespeople always clearly explain what they are doing and never try to confuse you with industry or technical jargon
  • We will never bombard you with sales or service calls

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