Education Fire and Life Safety Services

Whether your school is just a few classrooms with a few hundred students or multiple buildings with a few thousand students, the need for fire safety is paramount. Total Fire Protection will work with you to ensure that not only are your students and faculty safe but also for many years to come. Total Fire Protection Technicians are fully educated on current NFPA and IBC Fire and Life Safety Standards.

Schools should always be a place of safety for students and teachers, so having the proper fire prevention equipment and supplies in your school building is essential. Total Fire Protection understands the importance of having the best fire alarm systems for schools, and our experts have years of experience working with school systems to secure their facilities against fire.

Collage of education images with Total Fire Protection technicians From elementary schools through college campuses to job training facilities and vocational schools, we can install, inspect, and evaluate fire alarm, fire suppression, and other mandatory life safety services for any building and maintain that system into the future. Schools also need legible signage for emergency exits and evacuation planning, both of which Total Fire Protection can provide. A few of the helpful services and products we offer for educational facilities include:

  • Dependable fire alarm and fire suppression systems
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and compliance
  • Regulation compliant first aid kids and evacuation equipment
  • Fire safety training and planning for faculty and staff
  • Photoluminescent signage for evacuation routes and emergency exits
  • Comprehensive inspection and maintenance for kitchen areas
  • Infrared electrical inspections
  • And more!
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