In order to combat the rush on hospitals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a mandatory directive.

“Hospitals must increase your capacity by 50 percent. Find more beds, use more rooms.”

Are you prepared? Total Fire Protection can help.

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Healthcare Fire & Life Safety Services

Fire and life safety services for healthcare and medical organizations present specific issues other commercial buildings don’t have to address. These regulations at both the federal and local level must be followed rigorously because patients’ lives might be at risk.

healthcare facility fire protectionIn fact, Total Fire Protection’s experienced service technicians are trained to comply with all standards related to fire safety and patient safety in hospitals as determined by The Joint Commission.

We take these matters very seriously at Total Fire Protection, which is why we offer all the necessary services and products needed for comprehensive fire safety in healthcare facilities both now and in the future:

  • Specialized fire suppression and fire extinguisher systems designed for sensitive equipment like MRI machines and IT servers
  • Standardized fire safety log books and safety equipment kits
  • Fireproofing, including cement and fibrous material systems
  • Fire alarms systems and devices that meet regulations
  • Evacuation and safety training

Patients and doctors have enough to worry about as it is without the concern of possible fire damage causing difficulties for everyone. That’s precisely why Total Fire Protection is determined to provide reliable, secure fire and life safety systems for healthcare facilities in the New York City metro area.

We know all the ins and outs of safety regulations for healthcare and medical buildings, so we can supply you with the right equipment that will keep your facility prepared and protected now and for years down the line, regardless of changes to fire safety laws or standards. Including Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 NYS Hospital Capacity Mandate in 2020.

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