Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

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As per code, kitchen fire suppression systems must be inspected semi-annually.

Each year, thousands of structure fires are reported in eating and drinking establishments, causing millions in property damage, extensive injuries, and in some cases fatalities to patrons, employees and firefighters. Almost 30 percent of these fires spread beyond the object of origin and more than half of these fires are caused by cooking equipment.

Total Fire Protection offers a variety of kitchen fire suppression services including installation, maintenance and cleaning. Our licensed technicians will pinpoint the spots in your establishment where a fire is most likely to occur and improve upon your system, or design a new one entirely, to minimize the risk of a fire. Kitchen fire safety is governed by UL 300. We will ensure that your kitchen’s fire suppression mechanisms go above and beyond what is required by this standard.

At Total Fire Protection, we take great care to provide the most thorough and efficient fire protection services. We can install and service systems at any location with a kitchen for public use. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, hospitality and entertainment venues. Testing is done on-site with a licensed technician and at a time that works best for your business.

Don’t wait for the FDNY, get your semi-annual inspection today.

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