Room Integrity Testing

Fire Safety for IT Equipment, Servers & Technology Storage

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Room integrity testing, also known as door fan testing, is a crucial aspect of fire protection that measures the containment of gaseous agents in a protected room, ensuring that it will remain secure during a fire.

With the increasing reliance on IT equipment, server rooms and technology storage areas have become critical fire hazards. The constant addition of new equipment and cabling can compromise the integrity of the room, making it vital to have regular room integrity tests performed. That’s where Total Fire Protection comes in.

At Total Fire Protection, we utilize the most advanced equipment and certified technicians to provide you with the highest quality room integrity testing and certification services available.

Protected server room
Integrity testing equipment

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your building is protected against fire, and we use cutting-edge technology to perform thorough and accurate tests.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to fire safety. Choose Total Fire Protection, and rest easy knowing that your building and its occupants are protected.

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