Hospitality Fire and Life Safety Services

Total Fire Protection provides all the necessary equipment and services needed to meet the hospitality industry's needs and standards. Talk with one of Total Fire Protection's professional technicians and provide the level of safety your guests expect.

A hotel’s first priority is always the health, happiness, and comfort of their guests. Providing a safe and secure environment is a key part of that effort, which should include proper fire safety measures including sprinkler systems, photoluminescent egress signs, and properly placed fire extinguishers. Further, hotels must meet strict standards for fire alarm and sprinkler equipment in their structures, and getting the wrong equipment can be costly.

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Hotels are but one part of the hospitality industry. Entertainment venues such as bars and nightclubs are also part of this industry and both require adherence to strict fire control standards to ensure their employees and customers are protected while escaping the building in an emergency. You should also consider your food and beverage warehousing. A fire here can cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in lost product.

Among the services and products we can provide for your hospitality business include:

  • Compliant fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and compliance
  • Photoluminescent signage for evacuation routes and emergency exits
  • Inspection and maintenance for kitchen areas prone to fires
  • Fire safety training and planning for staff
  • First aid and emergency preparedness kits
  • And more!

Total Fire Protection can provide the most comprehensive fire protection service for your hotel property across NYC & the Tri-state area. We’re ready and available to assist you with the right plan to ensure your properties are prepared for emergencies and equipped to protect your guests.

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