Restaurant Fire and Life Safety Services

You have enough on your mind when managing a busy restaurant. You shouldn't have to worry if your fire protection and life safety systems are in order. Total Fire Protection's trained technicians will review and maintain your kitchen fire suppression system as well as ensure your hoods and ducts are clean and in working order.

We expect restaurant kitchens to create delicious meals for customers to enjoy, but we don’t expect them to create hazardous fire situations. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence, with thousands of restaurant kitchen fires happening every year. It’s not that much of a surprise, considering all the potential places a fire could start in your typical kitchen serving sometimes hundreds or thousands of customers a day.

Thankfully, Total Fire Protection offers comprehensive kitchen fire suppression and kitchen maintenance services to reduce the likelihood of hazardous fires. Our licensed technicians work with you to pinpoint areas in your establishment where a fire is most likely to occur, then work towards improving and upgrading your system to minimize the risk of a fire.

Services and products we provide to assist restaurants with fire safety and prevention include:

  • Kitchen fire suppression system installation and maintenance
  • Superior fire extinguishers rated for kitchen use
  • Thorough hood and duct cleaning services
  • Regular inspection and consultation services

Every restaurant owner wants to keep his customers, staff, and property protected from fire, and Total Fire Protection has the knowledge and experience to help make it happen. With the peace of mind that your restaurant meets local safety codes and has superior fire suppression equipment, you can focus on continuing to provide amazing food and service for your customers in New York City & the Tri-state area.

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