Entertainment Fire and Life Safety Services

Whatever your venue size, from a sprawling sports and entertainment complex to a nightclub and bar, the needs remain the same. Total Fire Protection's highly trained technicians will make sure that your Fire Suppression, Emergency Egress Lighting, and other Life Safety Services are in top form.

Buildings where large crowds gather to watch sporting events or see a show need thorough fire protection systems and emergency signage that’s easily visible in hectic situations. Any building where larger groups of people are found presents a potential for greater harm if the building doesn’t provide the proper safety systems and equipment, compared to other types of structures.

Collage of entertainment images with Total Fire Protection technician Providing the best and safest environment for guests at these facilities is an issue we take quite seriously at Total Fire Protection. Our trained experts can assist you with planning, installing, and maintaining the best in fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems ideally suited for entertainment venues, including services like:

  • Dependable fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and compliance
  • Regulation compliant first aid kits and evacuation equipment
  • Photoluminescent signage for evacuation routes and emergency exits
  • Thorough inspection and maintenance for kitchen areas prone to fires
  • Infrared electrical inspections of existing internal wiring
  • Fire safety training and planning for staff
  • And more!

Protect your customers and your infrastructure with comprehensive fire protection services from Total Fire Protection. We’re ready and available to assist you with the right plan to ensure your entertainment venue is prepared for emergencies.

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