Protect Your Business & People With Certified Flameproofing Services

We Offer Flameproofing Services Across the Tri-State Area

To help protect your business, Total Fire Protection operates a full-service flameproofing and dry cleaning division for soft goods and drapery. We use top-of-the-line, fire-retardant materials to provide your business assets with the highest quality of protection.

Our Flameproofing Services:

  • Our Flameproofing Services:
  • On Site Dry Cleaning & Flameproofing
  • Class “A” and Class “B” Flame Coating
  • Guaranteed Certification and Affidavit
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • On-Site Inspection of Flame Material
  • Flame Tests and Field Tests

    Items That Must be Flameproofed According to the NFPA:

    • Draperies on Stage, for Theaters or Public Assembly
    • All Draperies in Auditoriums, Museums, Restaurants, Bars/Nightclubs, Hotels/Motels, Hospitals, & Schools
    • All Scenery of Soft and Hard Flats, Braces, Ramps, Stairs, and Decking
    • Window Draperies & Upholstery
    • Decorative Elements and Displays
    • Natural Fiber Fabrics, Linens, & Synthetic Fabrics
    • Cardboard & Gray boards

    Need fireproofing services too?
    Learn more about our certified fireproofing services.

    Highly-Trained, Certified Technicians

    TFP and our expert technicians are certified to perform flameproofing services in newly constructed buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial buildings, and more.

    We ensure your facility meets all national and local fire codes, AHJ regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 25) standards, and is fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

    TFP offers flameproofing services across the Tri-State Area! Call now and our quick response teams will get the job done, no matter how large.