Flame Proofing

flame proofingTo help protect your business, Total Fire Protection operates a full-service flameproofing division for soft goods and drapery. We utilize top of the line fire-retardant materials to provide your business assets with the highest quality of protection. We are certified by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) and with all Federal, State, and Local Authorities having jurisdiction in areas where our services are being performed.

Our Flameproofing Services Include:

  • On-Site Flame Proofing
  • Class “A” and Class “B” Flame Coating
  • Guaranteed Certification and Affidavit
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • On-Site Inspection of Flame Material
  • Flame Tests and Field Tests

Mandatory NFPA Flame Proofed Items:

  • Draperies on Stage, for Theaters or Public Assembly
  • All Draperies in Auditoriums, Museums, Restaurants, Bars/Nightclubs, Hotels/Motels, Hospitals, & Schools
  • All Scenery of Soft and Hard Flats, Braces, Ramps, Stairs, and Decking
  • Window Draperies & Upholstery
  • Decorative Elements and Displays
  • Natural Fiber Fabrics, Linens, & Synthetic Fabrics
  • Cardboard & Gray boards

Meeting Guidelines for Flame Proofing:

  • NFPA 701: Textiles and Films
  • NFPA 703: Building Materials
  • NFPA 253: Floor Coverings
  • NFPA 260: Upholstered Furniture Components
  • NFPA 265: Textile Wall Coverings
  • NYC BSA #294-40: Fabrics and Decorations
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