Radio Communication Systems

Protect Your Occupants From Fires During Blackouts & in Areas Outside of Your Hardwired System

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A fire can start anytime and anywhere. This is why you need high-quality radio communication systems that can protect your occupants when the electricity goes out or when they are out of reach from your hardwired system, like in field hospitals or on construction sites. Total Fire Protection’s fire safety professionals will train your staff on how to effectively use these systems, keeping your team prepared if the unthinkable happens.

Auxiliary Radio Communication System

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems

If a catastrophe knocks out your electrical or communication systems, you need to ensure that you can communicate with your local fire department and vice versa. With the TAC-R414 and TAC-H514, your building is protected even during a worst case scenario. The TAC series is also compliant with your local jurisdiction’s code for high-rise buildings.

Benefits of Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems:

  • Supports expandability and redundancy
  • Allows for backup/automatic failover use
  • Channel Interference Monitoring
  • Central Station Connectivity
  • IP54 or IP55 Cabinet Protection
  • Code Compliant 12 Hour Battery Backup
  • N+1 Component Design
  • FCC Compliant
  • Cabling and Antenna Plant Supervision
  • Remote Firmware Upgradable and Troubleshooting
  • Failover (Redundant Unit) Capable
  • Environmental Monitoring (Intrusion, Water, Heat, and more)
  • Key component to in-building life safety operation
  • IP54-rated
  • Designed for durability and survivability
  • Provides continued operational use under extreme conditions
  • IP55 upgradable
  • A fully self-contained and environmentally protected drop-in solution
  • Meets the requirements of ARCS certification for high-rises
  • Provides for the simultaneous operation of multiple fire department channels
  • All system required logic, amplification, filtering and encryption come preconfigured
  • The RAU requires only a single power source (via fire alarm ATS) to power the entire ARCS system
  • Engineered for High-Rises
  • Life-safety standards in mind
  • Over 200 points of active supervision
  • Minimal down time and troubleshooting
  • No surprise outages when coupled with a TFP remote monitoring agreement
  • Automatic email functionality for notification of any changes in operational readiness or status
  • Enabled via 2624 Key, Elevator Recall Key
  • Voice Override Control of Channels
  • Continual, Code Required Indication of System State
  • Handset or Speakerphone Operation
  • Parallel Operation with Additional Units
  • No External Power Source Required
  • System Fault Monitoring
  • Power Supply Monitoring
  • Battery Health and Capacity Monitoring
  • Versatile Placement Options when incorporated into a Fire Command System completely passive component receives all of its power and logic from a single communications cable
  • Dual-cradled phones with volume controllable handsets & push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Provides Incident Command to best support incident operations

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WES3 Wireless Emergency & Evacuation System

The WES3 System is an enhanced wireless evacuation and medical alert system initially designed for construction site safety. Its features also make it an excellent temporary solution for field hospitals or any area not currently covered by your existing hardwired alarm system.

Scenarios suitable for a WES3 System:

  • Construction Site
  • Temporary Housing
  • Emergency Medical Facility

Benefits of the WES3 System:

  • Enables full management and real-time diagnostics for any connected units
  • An accurate log of all system events can be downloaded via USB to allow robust reporting of on-site issues
  • Unit upgrade allows for SMS messages to be sent to up to 6 different mobile phone numbers in the event of the system being triggered
  • Slows a fire alarm to be raised from any unit on-site to initiate a site-wide alarm for evacuation
  • Can be programmed to activate an optional pre-alarm function prior to initiating a site-wide evacuation.
    Includes Medical Alert
  • The dust-resistant sensor with dual optic technology minimizes the risk of false alarms and provides 24/7 protection in unoccupied areas of the site or overnight/weekends
  • Units are placed in accordance with your fire plan
  • Sensors are suitable for areas with an increased risk for fire such as a kitchen or heating area
  • Units can be numbered according to your fire plan for easy identification in the event of any issues
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, such as independent or permanent wired fire alarms, turnstiles, lifts, gas monitors, and more
  • WES3 Radio Repeater Link unit boosts the range of your WES system on very large, complicated or high-density implementations
Auxiliary Radio Communication System

NICET-Certified Technicians

TFP and our highly-trained technicians are NICET-certified to install your radio communications systems to ensure they meet all national and local fire codes, AHJ regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and are working properly in the event of an emergency.

TFP offers radio communication systems and services across NYC & the Tri-state area!
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NICET Certified