Auxiliary Radio Communications Systems

Protect your property. In the event of a catastrophe that knocks out your electrical or communication systems, you need to ensure that you can communicate with the FDNY and vice versa. With the TAC-R414 and TAC-H514, your building is protected even during a worst case scenario. The TAC series is also compliant with New York City’s Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems code for high-rise buildings.

The TAC Series is designed to support expandability and redundancy and allows a second TAC-R414 DRC for backup/automatic failover use.

Total Fire Protection’s fire safety professionals will train your staff on how to effectively use these systems, keeping them prepared if the unthinkable happens.


Radio Amplification Unit (RAU) FDNY ARCS Ch. 11 and Ch. 12


  • Channel Interference Monitoring
  • Central Station Connectivity
  • IP54 or IP55 Cabinet Protection
  • Code Compliant 12 Hour Battery Backup
  • N+1 Component Design
  • FCC Compliant, FDNY Channels 11 & 12
  • Cabling and Antenna Plant Supervision
  • Remote Firmware Upgradable and Troubleshooting
  • Failover (Redundant Unit) Capable
  • Environmental Monitoring (Intrusion, Water, Heat…)

Benefits of the TAC-R414

As a key component to in-building life safety operations, TFP’s TAC-R14 Radio Amplification Unit (RAU) is IP54 rated and is designed for durability and survivability to provide continued operational use under extreme conditions (IP55 upgradable)
Specifically designed to power TFP’s Dedicated Radio Consoles (DRC), the RAU is a fully self-contained and environmentally protected drop-in solution to meet the requirements of ARCS certification for New York City high-rises

Drop-In Compliance – The TAC-R414 provides for the simultaneous operation of FDNY High-Rise Tactical Channels 11 & 12. All system required logic, amplification, filtering and encryption come preconfigured with the TAC-R414, creating a convenient single made for life-safety package.

Complete with 12 hours of localized battery backup built-in, the RAU requires only a single power source (via fire alarm ATS) to power the entire ARCS system.

Engineered for High-Rises

  • Life-safety standards in mind
  • Over 200 points of active supervision
  • Built-in N+1 redundancy, providing for less down time and minimal troubleshooting
  • No surprise outages when coupled with a TFP remote monitoring agreement.
  • Automatic e-mail functionality for notification of any changes in operational readiness or status


Auxiliary Radio Communications SystemsDedicated Radio Console (DRC) FDNY ARCS Ch. 11 and Ch. 12

  • Simultaneous Control of FDNY Channels 11 & 12
  • Dedicated Control/Supervision of Each Channel
  • Enabled via 2624 Key, Elevator Recall Key
  • Monitor Mode, Enablers Receive Only
  • Active Mode, Energizes ARCS System
  • Voice Override Control of Channels
  • Continual, Code Required Indication of System State
  • Handset or Speakerphone Operation
  • Parallel Operation with Additional Units
  • Exclusive Human Interface for TAC-R414
  • No External Power Source Required
  • System Fault Monitoring
  • Power Supply Monitoring
  • Battery Health and Capacity Monitoring
  • Versatile Placement Options when incorporated into a Fire Command System

Benefits of the TAC-H514

The TAC-H514 Dedicated Radio Console (DRC) is TFPs code compliant interface solution for New York City’s Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems high-rise building requirements.

Drop-In Compliance: Designed to work in conjunction with the TFP TAC-R414 Radio Amplification Unit (RAU), the TAC-H514 is a completely passive component that receives all of its power and logic from a single communications cable.

Secured and energized by use of separate 2642 elevator recall keys, the system can simultaneously operate FDNY Tactical Channels 11 & 12 independently, in either Monitor Mode (Rx, receive only), or Active Mode (Tx/Rx, transmit/receive). Possessing dual cradled phones with volume controllable handsets & push-to-talk (PTT) speakerphones, the TAC-H514 provides Incident Command multiple means of use, to best support incident operations.

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