Construction Fire and Life Safety Services

Total Fire Protection is your one-stop partner for making sure you have everything you need on-site so there are no work stoppages.

Fire & Life Safety Services is a concern for all businesses but it is especially important at construction sites. Buildings under construction can often be more at risk of fire and injury. Large quantities of building material can catch fire. Workers may have chemicals on-site that are combustible and wind can frequently be present around unfinished buildings, which can quickly cause a blaze to spread. It’s critical that construction companies take the proper precautions to protect their employees as well as the areas where they are working from a fire.

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That’s why Total Fire Protection is happy to provide construction companies with a helpful resource where they can find and purchase everything they need to make their worksites safe and compliant with local codes. Through our distribution, contractors can get all the necessary fire compliance tools they need, including:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection and compliance for a wide variety of materials
  • Temporary fire alarm systems
  • First aid and emergency preparedness kits
  • Fire safety training and planning for staff
  • Access to technicians who are fully trained and familiar with OSHA and NFPA standards
  • And more!

As your project progresses, so does the services provided by Total Fire Protection. Equipment is inspected with greater frequency and as you add floors to your building, Total Fire Protection will expand service and maintenance to cover those floors. Also, we ensure that your site is serviced on the proper schedule so that’s one less thing your Project Manager will need to worry about. We will proactively coordinate with your team to ensure all life safety standards are met.

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