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We Offer Synchronized Clock Systems Across New York City (NYC) & the Tri-State Area

Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions for Synchronizing Time

Total Fire Protection is proud to be a national distributor of Primex Synchronized Clock Systems, the leading provider of precise and reliable timekeeping.

As an integral component of fire and life safety, we understand the importance of precise and accurate timekeeping in ensuring the smooth functioning of your building.

Primex Synchronized Clock Systems provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for synchronizing time across your facility.

Primex Synchronized Clock Systems feature a powerful RF Signal System that comes in digital and analog formats. Primex OneVue Sync™ utilizes three technologies – 72 MHz Transmitters, Bluetooth, or Power over Ethernet Network (PoE) – to ensure all of your property’s clocks are consistently synced. 

Primex Analog Clock
Primex Digital Clock
Primex Analog Clock

With the OneVue Sync™ system, you can be confident that the time for everyone in your building synchronized, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

It’s the perfect solution for schools, hospitals, government facilities, and more.

Total Fire Protection is committed to providing you with the best timekeeping solutions available.

Don’t let outdated and unreliable timekeeping systems hold you back.

Choose Total Fire Protection and the Primex Synchronized Clock Systems for precise, accurate, and reliable timekeeping solutions.

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Learn more about the OneVue Sync system and how we can help you achieve synchronized time throughout your building across New York City (NYC) & the Tri-state area.