First-Aid Products

Make sure your office is properly outfitted with OSHA compliant first aid kits. Total Fire Protection will work with you to design and develop first aid kits that are customized with your business needs in mind.

first-aidTotal Fire Protection sells and installs First Aid Kits that adhere to the requirements set out by ANSI and OSHA. We also provide on-site First Aid Kit replenishment service using specially equipped service vans. Our technicians will check the expiration date of your supplies, clean and disinfect your cabinet, and arrange your First Aid Kit so you can use it quickly in an emergency.

Businesses are required to have a proper kit in their facilities that meets ANSI standards. Which types and classes your business needs depends on the location of your organization and the nature of the work performed.

First Aid kit classes are denoted by letters of the alphabet, while First Aid kit types are denoted by roman numerals.

Classes of Kits – Based on the Potential for Workplace Injury

  • Class A kits deal with the most common workplace injuries, including minor cuts, abrasions, and sprains.
  • Class B first aid kits include a broader range and quantity of supplies to deal with injuries in more complex or high-risk environments.

Types of Kits – Based on Portability and Physical Environmental Factors

  • Type I Kits are stationary kits intended for indoor use. Standard first aid cabinets fall under the Type I category.
  • Type II Kits are portable kits intended for indoor use. Type II kits should be used where the potential for damage from wear, tear, and environmental exposure is low.
  • Type III Kits are portable and intended for use in either an indoor or outdoor setting. Like Type II kits, they should be used in an environment where the potential for wear and tear and environmental is low, but they must have a water-resistant seal.
  • Type IV Kits are intended for portable use in mobile or outdoor settings where there is a high potential for damage from environmental factors. The kits need to be mounted in a fixed position and resistant to corrosion, moisture, and impact. Type IV kits are the kit of choice for the construction industry and the military-industrial sector.

Total Fire Protection offers all new classes and types of first aid kits. Our local stock of inventory includes a vast selection of cabinets, refills, burn-care protection, ointment, sprays, and eye care stations. First aid kit replenishment can be done in conjunction with another fire or life safety job at a reduced price.

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