Banking and Finance Fire and Life Safety Services

Addressing the unique needs of financial buildings and banks when it comes to fire protection and detection services. Allowing you to stay focused on the daily work of managing your customers’ financial futures.

Financial buildings and banks are often quite different from other structures when it comes to their design and how they’re built. These offices and banking institutions require specific security infrastructure to protect both inhabitants and valuable data storage equipment. Because of their unique construction, these types of buildings can present especially unique challenges when designing and installing fire safety systems.

Collage of banking and financeTotal Fire Protection understands these challenges when providing safety systems for financial organizations, and we offer essential services for companies in the financial industry in need of smarter, more efficient fire and life safety systems.

Key products and services financial organizations often depend on TFP to provide typically include:

  • Clean agent fire suppression for areas with sensitive equipment, like financial data servers
  • Reliable fireproofing insulation to protect against extensive damage in critical areas of a building
  • Clear, easy-to-read emergency signage and lighting
  • Quality fire alarms systems and devices that meet local regulations
  • Comprehensive safety training and evacuation plan development

With our fire protection and detection services, your organization can stay focused on the daily work of managing your customers’ financial futures. Total Fire Protection’s mission is to provide the best fire and life safety systems for financial and banking facilities in NYC & the Tri-state area. 

Once established, Total Fire Protection will partner with you to ensure your system works for years to come and meets all new laws and Fire Safety Standards updates.

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