Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms

Nationwide Fire Protection ServicesProtect your property and personnel against hazardous gases. Total Fire Protection sells and installs Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms and will ensure that you are compliant with relevant state and local fire codes.

Why Choose Total Fire Protection?

  • Survey – If you require more than one unit, we will survey your property and find the alarm(s) and installation method best suited to your facility’s needs.
  • Tamper Resistant – We will ensure that your alarm is tamper proof immediately upon activation.
  • Joint Alarms (Optional) -We also sell and install joint Smoke/CO alarms that will give you dual protection against fires and Carbon Monoxide leaks.

If your alarm is chirping or reaching the end of its 5-year life, it needs to be replaced. A malfunctioning or old alarm is just as bad as no alarm at all.

Relevant Code:

NFPA 72 –Requires smoke detectors to be, at a minimum, present in any sleeping area. (Nationally) LL 112 & 75 – Requires battery operated alarms to be replaced at least once every 5 years or once the manufacturer’s suggested lifespan has passed. (New York City)
Steven Nelson’s Law – Requires all New York State commercial dwellings and indoor places of public assembly to have at least one working Carbon Monoxide alarm. (Chapter 540 – New York City, Chapter 541 – New York State)

Most New York City buildings classified as occupancy group J-1, J-2, J-3, G, H-2, F-1, F-3, F-4 are, or will be, required to have CO and Smoke detectors.

Nationwide Fire Protection ServicesOther Facts:

  • Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death during a fire
  • Carbon Monoxide is odorless, tasteless and colorless. Without an alarm or detector, you will have no warning
  • Carbon Monoxide leaks are the most common form of death by a poison
  • Fires and Carbon Monoxide leaks can come from
    • Motor-Vehicles
    • Charcoal Grills
    • Gas Grills
    • Generators
    • Furnaces
    • Hot Water Heaters
    • Space Heaters
    • Wood-Burning Stoves
    • Cigarette Smoke
    • Other Sources

Call Total Fire Protection today to help comply with NFPA, LL 112, LL 75, Steven Nelson’s law and other regulations. We sell and install worry free alarms that will keep you protected for 10 years.

Nationwide Fire Protection Services

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