Fire-stopping Services

Protect Your Facility & Occupants With Our Fire-stopping Services

We Offer Fire-stopping Services Across NYC & the Tri-State Area

Fire stopping seals any openings in your facility’s walls or floors to prevent a fire from spreading throughout your building. If these openings are not properly sealed, fire, smoke, and toxic gases can move freely throughout your facility, further endangering everyone inside.

However, proper firestopping can contain or delay a fire, giving your building’s occupants more time to evacuate safely. Therefore, to provide the utmost safety for your building’s occupants during an emergency, you need expert firestopping services.

Our Certified Fire-stopping Services Include:

  • Coordinating with project managers and subcontractors to install firestopping correctly
  • Ensuring your firestopping meets all local, state and national standards
  • Providing you with a firestop solution that works within your specified budget
  • Certifying your firestop systems
  • Performing onsite inspections of firestopping materials
  • Documenting and logging firestop inspections

Consolidated Services

With Total Fire Protection’s consolidated fire protection services, you can consolidate all of your fire and life safety needs and save money by eliminating the cost of multiple overpriced vendors.
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Highly-Trained, Certified Technicians

TFP and our expert technicians are certified to perform firestopping services in newly constructed buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial buildings, and more.

We ensure your firestopping materials meet all national and local fire codes, AHJ regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 25) standards, and will be working properly in the event of an emergency.

TFP offers firestopping services across NYC & the Tri-state area! Call now and our quick response teams will get the job done, no matter how large.