Emergency Exit Light Testing

Ensure Safe & Efficient Evacuations From Your Facility With Code-Compliant Emergency Exit Light Testing

We Offer Emergency Exit Light Products & Services Across NYC & the Tri-State Area

Code-compliant emergency and exit lights are essential to for safe and efficient building evacuation during an emergency. Exit signage must be clearly visible, even under hazardous conditions, and should adhere to OSHA regulations.

Our Emergency Exit Light Products & Services Include:

  • Code-compliant, sleek emergency signage
  • Ensuring emergency exit lights are fully operational
  • Confirming all necessary signage is present
  • Annual inspection stickers
  • Testing the batteries and bulbs on your signage
  • A log test book
  • A complete inventory of parts and batteries
  • Removal of obsolete signage
  • Disposal of used batteries in accordance with your local waste management laws
  • 90-minute battery load test

Highly-Trained, Certified Technicians

TFP and our expert technicians are certified to survey, sell, install, and test emergency exit lights in newly constructed buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial buildings, and more.

We ensure your facility meets all national and local fire codes, AHJ regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 25) standards, and is prepared in the event of an emergency.

TFP offers emergency exit light products and services across NYC & the Tri-state area! Call now and our quick response teams will get the job done, no matter how large.