Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators

Nationwide Fire Protection Services

  • Universal full event sole path cellular & dual path cellular &/or IP commercial fire alarm reporting from any panel brand, virtually anywhere
  • For use as primary or backup communications on all 12V-24V control panels and FACPs that communicate using Contact ID and 4/2 (such as on legacy panels)
  • Reports to any Central Station nationwide, via dial up or IP
  • Communicate critical life and safety alarm reports on cyber-protected multibillion-dollar cellular nationwide reliable networks, Verizon Network Certified or AT&T®, for maximum security & liability protection
  • Easy, flexible installation, activation & online account management
  • Cost-saving models and plans for any code requirement. Substantial savings over monthly dedicated POTs landline charges
  • Choice of plans (varies by model) – check-ins from 200 seconds, to 5-minutes to 1 hour, Verizon or AT&T®
  • Patented Signal Boost™ signal amplification circuit and high-gain performance antenna for longer range and reliability nationwide
  • Expanded Upgrade Program – incentive for system upgrades from old radios (all makes) and old POTs landlines, as well as new
  • NFPA® and UL® Code-Compliant Standard ABS or Mercantile Models in Locking Metal Enclosure
  • CODE COMPLIANT: UL &NFPA 72 Editions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007; CSFM, NYCFD, LAFD)

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