Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Duct Installation

Ensure Safety & Prevent Penalties With Expert Kitchen Exhaust & Duct Services

We Offer Kitchen Exhaust and Duct Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Sign-Off Across New York City (NYC) & the Tri-state area

Along with being unhygienic, a dirty or greasy hood and duct system poses a major fire hazard to your kitchen. Fats, oils, and greases accumulate on the hood of your kitchen as you cook. This residue is highly flammable and could cause a fire. Grease fires, in particular, ignite quickly and can spread to other structures with dangerous speed. A staggering 21% of all structure fires in eating and drinking establishments result from a failure to clean their kitchen’s hood and duct.

In addition to these safety concerns, there are compliance implications if you do not tend to your kitchen’s exhaust and ductwork properly. NFPA 96 requires that your commercial kitchen’s exhaust and ductwork meet specifications on size of duct, insulation, fabrication/welding, steel, and access panels. Your local fire marshal may inspect your kitchen exhaust and ducts to ensure compliance with these specifications. If they find you are out of compliance, you will receive a violation and possibly a fine.

Total Fire Protection technician cleaning kitchen exhaust & duct

This is why TFP assumes the burden of design, filing, fabrication, installation, and sign-off of all of your kitchens’ exhaust hoods and ducts. This means you no longer need to worry about the safety of your occupants or the possibility of receiving a violation.

Our Kitchen Exhaust & Duct Services Cover Everything, Including:

  • In-House Design, Engineering, and Filing
  • Fabrication of all Hood and Duct Work (Done In-House in our Very own Fabrication Shop)
  • Installation and Welding of all Exhaust and Duct Work
  • Certified Installers of Precipitators (PCUs), Smog Hogs, and Makeup Air Units (All Manufactures)
  • After Successful Certified Installation, We Test and Ensure the Reliability of Your Newly Designed Systems. 
  • Final Sign-Off and Local AHJ Approval 

Worried your kitchen is out of compliance?
Speak with one of our kitchen exhaust and duct experts today.

Highly-Trained, Certified Technicians

The FDNY and AHJ have certified TFP and our expert technicians to perform maintenance and upgrade services on all of the kitchen fire suppression systems and exhaust ducts in your facility.

Compliance Coverage at Every Level

We’ll perform the necessary maintenance and upgrade procedures to ensure your kitchens’ exhaust and ductwork meets all national and local fire codes, OSHA regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 96) standards and are working properly in the event of an emergency. And we will do so at a time that works best for your business.