WES3 Wireless Emergency & Evacuation System

An enhanced wireless evacuation and medical alert system

For these situations, Total Fire Protection is proud to offer the WES3 System from Ramtech Electronics. The WES3 System is an enhanced wireless evacuation and medical alert system initially designed for construction site safety. Its features also make it an excellent option for temporary solutions such as field hospitals or areas not currently covered by your existing hardwired alarm system.

The WES3 System has several components:

  • WES3 Base Station:

    • Primary control unit for the WES3 network.
    • Enables full management and real-time diagnostics for any connected units.
    • An accurate log of all system events can be downloaded via USB to allow robust reporting of on-site issues.
    • Unit upgrade allows for SMS messages to be sent to up to 6 different mobile phone numbers in the event of the system being triggered.
WES3 Base Station
  • Emergency Call Point:

    • Slows a fire alarm to be raised from any unit on-site to initiate a site-wide alarm for evacuation or can be programmed to activate an optional pre-alarm function prior to initiating a site-wide evacuation.
    • It also includes Medical Alert.
Emergency Call Point
  • Smoke Sensor:

    • Unique to WES, the dust-resistant sensor with dual optic technology minimizes the risk of false alarms and provides 24/7 protection in unoccupied areas of the site or overnight/weekends.
Smoke Sensor
  • Heat Sensor:

    • Units are placed in accordance with your fire plan, these sensors are suitable for areas with an increased risk for fire such as a kitchen or heating area.
    • Units can be numbered according to your fire plan for easy identification in the event of any issues.
Heat Sensor
  • Interface:

    • Allows WES3 to be seamlessly integrated with third-party systems, such as independent or permanent wired fire alarms, turnstiles, lifts, gas monitors, etc.
  • Link Unit:

    • The WES3 Radio Repeater Link unit boosts the range of your WES system on very large, complicated or high-density implementations.
Link Unit

Scenarios suitable for a WES3 System

  • Construction Site
  • Temporary Housing
  • Emergency Medical Facility

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