How a Clean Agent System Prevents Fires at Your Business

WiresAs a business owner, the safety of your building, equipment, employees, and customers is of utmost importance. Standard extinguishing systems are useful for putting out fires, but they often destroy costly electronics and storage devices that are essential to your company. Below, we’re going to discuss what a clean agent system is, how it works, and the pros and cons of having one installed in your building.

What Is a Clean Agent System?

A clean agent system is a detection and suppression setup that uses gas to extinguish fires rather than water or chemicals. The gas is harmless to any equipment you may house in your building, ultimately limiting damages and preserving your devices and data as best as possible.

How It Works

A clean agent system detects fires and smoke much in the same way that a standard suppression system would. The difference lies in the medium used to put out the fire. The system’s piping will deliver CO2 or heptafluoropropane – commonly referred to as FM-200 – to the site of the fire. These electronic-safe gases deprive the fire of the oxygen it needs to thrive, ultimately extinguishing it with no damage to your equipment.

The Benefits

The benefits of a clean agent system are manyfold. The biggest benefit to most business owners is that the gases don’t interfere with electronics. That means computers, electrical equipment, and storage devices won’t be damaged during fire suppression.

Additionally, the system works rapidly to deliver gases to the flames, often working in less time than other common suppression systems.

Lastly, the gas dissipates naturally after fire suppression, leaving the area clean and without chemicals or water to remove.

The Risk of Not Having a Clean Agent System

Not having a clean agent system can leave your electrical devices at severe risk of damage or total destruction if you do have a fire in your building. On top of repairing your physical property from the fire damage, you’ll also have to replace expensive equipment, not to mention you’ll have lost potentially priceless data and records in the fire.

A clean agent system keeps your building adequately protected from fire while eliminating additional damages to the electronics you keep housed in your building. When you’re ready to have one of these systems installed in your property, contact one of our expert fire safety technicians for more information.