Avoid These Costly & Common Fire-stopping Mistakes

WiresFire-stopping is a crucial part of any integrated fire protection system. When installed correctly, it can help contain fire and smoke, helping to minimize property damage and keep your employees and customers safe in the event of a fire. Below, we’ll discuss what fireproofing is, common mistakes building owners make when having it installed, and the risks associated with improper use of fire-stopping.

What Is Fire-stopping?

Fire-stopping is a sealant used to close gaps between rooms or sections of rooms in a commercial building. It prevents heat and smoke from traveling between the sealed areas of your building, ultimately helping to contain the fire and smoke until your building can be cleared or the fire can be extinguished.

The Most Common Fire-stopping Mistakes

The first mistake many building owners make when installing fire-stopping is choosing the wrong type. There is a myriad of fire-stopping options available, each formulated for sealing varying sizes of wall gaps and adding protection to different fire barrier materials. Fire-stopping should always be chosen for your specific building and approved by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ATSM) or Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

The second mistake is installing the fireproofing improperly. Fireproofing materials are approved by ATSM or UL based largely on the manufacturing process but also the correct installation. Your fireproofing will only be effective if it’s installed as intended. As such, it’s best to have a professional carry out the installation. Contact one of our highly-trained and certified professionals today for guidance or installation.

Lastly, many building owners fail to have their fireproofing inspected and maintained regularly. Just like all portions of your fire protection system, fireproofing needs to be checked periodically to ensure it will function as intended in the case of a fire.

Risks of Improper Fire-stopping Services

Failing to choose the correct fire-stopping materials for your building or neglecting to have them installed and maintained by a professional can have dire consequences. You may be leaving your building open to a higher risk of property damage, not to mention that your employees’ and customers’ lives and well-being will be placed in undue danger as well.

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