Is Your Fire Sprinkler & Suppression System Due for Inspection?

fire sprinkler inspectionYou never know when a fire might occur. One of the best ways to be prepared should this incident arise is to have a fire sprinkler and suppression system in place in your building. This fire protection product ensures that if a fire occurs, the right safeguards are in place to put the fire out and prevent it from spreading to other areas of the building. So, when is your fire sprinkler and suppression system due for inspection?

When Fire Sprinkler and Suppression Systems Are Required to Be Inspected

Fire sprinkler and suppression systems need to be inspected at different intervals depending on what inspections need to occur. Here is the recommended timing of fire sprinkler inspections:

  • Weekly/Monthly: Sprinkler system gauges in a dry, pre-action system should be checked out each week while wet pipe gauges should be inspected monthly.
  • Quarterly: Every three months, a more extensive inspection is carried out that involves the water flow and valve alarm devices, control valves, and signal devices, to name a few components.
  • Annually: Every year you should have an inspection of the pipework and fittings, signage, bracing, and the individual sprinklers.
  • Five Years: Sprinkler system internal pipework should be checked every five years.

When you follow these guidelines, you can rest easy knowing your fire sprinkler and suppression system is ready to go when needed.

Dangers of Not Following This Schedule

Following the fire sprinkler and suppression system inspection timeline is an important thing to do. If you don’t follow this recommended schedule, your fire sprinklers and suppression system may not be ready to function should a fire occur. In addition, there may be local regulations in your area that require fire sprinkler and suppression system inspections periodically.

How to Tell If Your Sprinkler is Due for Inspection

It’s always best to err on the side of caution and follow the inspection timeline above. Also, if you happen to notice anything broken on your sprinkler system, be sure to schedule an appointment for a fire sprinkler and suppression system inspection.

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