The Importance of Regular Fire Safety Inspections for Country Clubs

Golf place with gorgeous green and custom built luxury big house on background.With the warm weather comes the peak season of your country club. Your golf courses and swimming pools will likely be full of eager guests wanting to beat the heat and enjoy the outdoors throughout the summer. With this in mind, it’s essential to ensure your country club premises, indoors and out, have the proper safety precautions. Here are some fire hazards your country club should be aware of and the proper fire safety inspections to have completed to ensure your business is in compliance. 

Fire Hazards

Country clubs are often located on large areas of land with many trees and wooded acreage. Wildfires can be an issue during the drier months and on parcels of land with many trees, shrubs, and brush. Another fire hazard that your country clubs may need to be cautious of is titanium golf clubs. Sparks from these titanium-coated golf clubs can occur when the ball or rock is hit and can cause fires to break out. With these two fire hazard examples in mind, it’s crucial to ensure your property complies with the fire safety inspection requirements and takes the necessary precautions to prevent fires.

Fire Safety Inspections

Fire safety inspections are required on commercial properties, such as country clubs. These requirements and regulations ensure that the buildings on your property are equipped with the proper fire safety equipment. The town or city where your country club is located will dictate what fire safety inspections are required. However, the following includes information on standard fire safety inspections that commercial buildings need:

  • Engineer are checking and inspection a fire extinguishers tank in the fire control room for safety training and fire prevention.Fire Extinguisher Inspections: Fire extinguisher testing and inspection is necessary to ensure all the fire extinguishers throughout the club are in proper working order.
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspections: You don’t want to think about fires occurring, but if they do, you want to be sure your fire sprinklers work. Fire sprinkler inspections will offer insight into the proper working order of your fire sprinkler system.
  • Fire Alarm Inspections: When you obtain fire alarm inspections, you can know that guests and employees will receive prompt notification in case of a fire. 
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Inspections: If your country country serves food and drink, you won’t want to forget about ensuring your kitchen is up to compliance and ready for the peak season.
  • Hood and Duct Cleaning: When getting ready for a busy season, there’s no better time to clean your hood and ducts. Grease builds up fast, and is quick to cause a fire, so ensuring your hood and ducts are clean at the beginning of a busy season leads to less worries.
  • Consolidated Services: With so many fire and life safety requirements associated with the operation of the country club, you may want to bundle your fire protection and life safety services together and use one provider.

In addition to these standard fire safety inspections, you may be required to obtain other fire protection and life safety services for your country club, including:

  • Automated External (AEDs) & CPR Training: Having an AED in your country club is crucial. Studies show that attaching an AED within the first 3 minutes of collapse increases the survival rate by 90%. Additionally, having personnel that are trained and equipped with proper CPR knowledge lets your occupants be at ease.
  • First Aid Products: With any commercial building, especially country clubs, minor injuries are expected to occur. Total Fire Protection not only offers installation of First Aid Product Stations, but also on-site inspections and replenishments of expired materials.  
  • Safety Products: On top of the standard Fire Aid products, having Safety Products on standby in your country club ensures you’re in compliance with the required codes. Total Fire Protection offers Eye Wash Stations, Ladders, Fire Blankets, Hard Hats, Gloves, Safety Glasses, and much more.
  • Preparedness Kits: Having a Preparedness Kit ensures that you’re ready in the case of a natural disaster. Total Fire Protection’s team of specialists can work with you to craft a customized kit that meets the unique needs of your country club.

Engineer Professional are Checking A Fire Extinguisher Using Cli

Safety Program Development

Total Fire Protection also offers a safety program development service. The service covers essential safety topics and offers a comprehensive survey of your facility, site-specific safety manuals, and trains your facility engineering staff on standard safety protocols. At the end of the program, participants receive a 10-hour OSHA certification.

Ensure the country club you manage or own is protected in case of a fire and know what types of fire hazards can be an issue around this commercial property. Read the property manager’s e-Book and contact Total Fire Protection for all your fire safety needs!

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