What Your Business Needs in Your Emergency Preparedness Kits

preparedness toolsNo business owner wants to think about needing emergency preparedness kits for themselves and their employees. However, in the event of a catastrophe, they can be crucial for minimizing stress and staying safe through the disaster. Below, we’re going to discuss why they’re essential and what you need to keep in yours.

What is an Emergency Preparedness Kit?

A preparedness kit is a collection of essential items that you and your employees need in an emergency. It often includes food, first aid supplies, and personal sanitization products, as well as other things to sustain life if it’s unsafe to leave the building.

Why Every Business Needs Them

Natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, tornados, or hurricanes are often among the last things business owners think about on a daily basis. For precisely that reason, they often take people by surprise and leave them struggling to cope if they do occur. An emergency preparedness kit is something you can pack once and forget about until you need them.

Risk of Not Having Them

Emergency preparedness kits contain everything you and your employees need to survive for several days in the event of a catastrophe. If you’re caught off guard by a natural disaster or other emergency and don’t have kits ready, you may be forced to put yourself or your employees at risk to go out in search of supplies to survive.

What You Need In Your Kit

There are some essentials for health and safety you should keep in your kits, including emergency drinking water, emergency lights, emergency ponchos, safety blankets, emergency whistles, protective gloves, N95 masks, and biohazard waste bags.

In addition to these products, you should keep things helpful for navigation and communication. These include snaplights, flashlights, ready tubes, 12-hour light sticks, a visible backpack, and a water-resistant radio.

Having emergency preparedness kits ready and fully stocked is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your employees in the case of a natural disaster or other catastrophes. Contact one of our professionals for information on getting compact, pre-made kits for your business that include all of the above, plus more health and safety supplies depending on your company’s needs.