How Your Fire & Life Safety Service Provider Should Be Testing Your Devices

Fire sprinkler systems are essential fire prevention tools to have in commercial buildings. With that said, these fire safety products are only good if they work when you need them. Therefore, it’s essential to have a fire and life safety service provider test your safety devices periodically. So, how do fire and life safety providers test your products to ensure they’re in good working order?

How Total Fire Protection Performs Inspections/Tests

Fire sprinkler system testing and inspection isn’t just a wise thing to ensure the sprinklers are ready to go when needed, but local codes and regulations often require it. Total Fire Protection offers inspections and testing that comply with local codes so your business can operate under the local rules.

Total Fire Protection performs the followinginspections and tests for your sprinkler system:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual sprinkler and suppression system inspections
  • Five-year hydro-static and standpipe sprinkler testing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • And so much more!

What Sets Total Fire Protection Apart From the Competition

When you choose Total Fire Protection to inspect and test your fire sprinkler and suppression system, you’re selecting a fire and life safety company that offers professional, top-notch service. You want the fire safety provider you choose to provide a wide array of services but also offer the best options for your business.

Here are a few things that set Total Fire Protection apart from the competition:

  • The company offers the proper inspections to ensure your sprinkler and suppression systems meet all local and national fire codes, National Fire Protection Association standards, and AHJ regulations.
  • Total Fire Protection is your one-stop shop for all your fire and life safety services.
  • The company provides comprehensive reporting, so you know everything about your current fire safety situation.
  • TFP offers quick response teams to handle your inspection jobs promptly.
  • Total Fire Protection is comprised of professional technicians and experts.
  • TFP handles fire safety jobs of all sizes.
  • Offer fire sprinkler and suppression system testing and inspections throughout the tri-state area.

You want to entrust this job to the professionals with such an essential service as fire safety inspections. Total Fire Protection can help you with your fire safety product and inspection needs.

Contact Total Fire Protection today to make a fire sprinkler inspection appointment!