8 Practical Ways Hotels Can Improve Fire Safety

When you own a hotel, you are responsible for many people daily, from employees to guests. With this in mind, you want to ensure that fire safety is on top of your priorities. As fire hazards can occur in many different areas of the hotel, you want to ensure you have suitable fire safety systems throughout the premises.

Major Fire Hazards at Hotels

With estimates in prior years of approximately 3,900 hotel fires per year throughout the U.S., it’s easy to see how hotel fire safety should be a priority. Fire hazards occur around every corner in hotels. Some significant fire hazards in hotels include a lack of fire safety products, overdue fire inspections, and commercial kitchen fires due to lack of training or inadequate hood and duct systems. Unfortunately, if these fire hazards aren’t addressed, the result may be property damage, injuries, or even death.

Benefits of a Strong Fire Safety Program at Hotels

When you have a strong fire safety program at your hotel, you can rest easy knowing your property complies with local regulations and your employees and guests will be safe. Also, when your fire safety program is strong, your staff members know exactly how to respond should a fire occur at the hotel.

Eight Ways Hotels Can Improve Fire Safety

Fortunately, you can take a few steps to ensure your establishment has the best possible fire safety program. Here are eight ways hotels can improve fire safety:

  1. Make sure your hotel has up-to-date fire safety inspections in place.
  2. Ensure that your hotel has the necessary fire safety equipment.
  3. Get the commercial kitchen hood and duct system cleaned and inspected regularly.
  4. Have an evacuation plan, and ensure your staff knows it exceptionally well.
  5. Provide constant training for your team, so everyone knows their role and how to respond in the case of an emergency.
  6. Have emergency exits marked
  7. Make sure escape routes are clear.
  8. Display exit signs and exit routes, so hotel guests know how to get out of the building quickly and safely in the case of an emergency.

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