Benefits of a Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator for Your Business

A fire alarmProtecting your business from fires and other catastrophes requires 24/7 surveillance, as well as readiness to contact local fire authorities at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, technology makes this job extremely easy and far less time-consuming. Below, we discuss the benefits of a cellular fire alarm communicator and why your business should have one to stay safe and fully protected.

What is a Commercial Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator?

A commercial cellular fire alarm communicator is a device that automatically contacts your local fire station to alert them to a fire in your building or place of business. They are usually mounted to a wall or ceiling inside your building, and they alert first responders when a smoke or fire alarm is triggered.

How a Commercial Cellular Fire Alarm Communicator Works

A commercial cellular fire alarm communicator first receives a signal from inside your building that a fire or fire-related smoke has been detected. The communicator then automatically contacts your local fire station to let them know about the issue. This communication is done via a cellular signal, similar to how cell phones send and receive voice data.

It’s clear that this kind of communicator is essential for 24-hour protection from fires in your business, but what are the main benefits of this kind of cellular system over a wired, landline communicator?

Benefit 1: Because cellular communicators use a cell signal to transmit the message that there is a fire, the transmission is faster, which means first responders will be alerted and able to address the fire more quickly.

Benefit 2: Cellular communicators use the largest cellular networks in the country. So, they’re not only more reliable than phone lines, but your connection will also never be lost due to damaged phone lines. In other words, you’ll always be connected with a cellular network.

Benefit 3: Landlines are costly to upkeep, and with fewer people using them today, maintaining a telephone line account is costly. Those who install a cellular fire alarm communicator enjoy cost-savings both upfront and over time.

Benefit 4: Because cellular fire alarm communicators don’t need physical telephone lines, the equipment installs easily and quickly. This means switching from a landline system to a cellular communicator is a breeze!

When you’re ready for a fast, efficient, and affordable cellular communicator for your business, contact one of our highly trained fire alarm professionals for easy installation and worry-free protection!