Commercial Fire Safety Tips for the Summer

The summer season often brings a unique set of fire risks for businesses. If you’re a business owner in the New York Tri-state area, it’s crucial to understand these risks and ensure your commercial spaces are prepared.

Common Commercial Fire Hazards

Several fire risks may increase in the summer:

  • Electrical Equipment: The use of air conditioning systems and other electrical devices often increases, leading to potential overheating and fire risks.
  • Increased Foot Traffic: Summer can bring more customers, leading to higher usage of facilities and equipment, and an increased potential for fire hazards.
  • Unattended Equipment: Office equipment, machinery, and appliances that are left unattended or on standby can overheat, posing a fire risk.
  • Construction or Renovation Activities: These often ramp up during the summer and can increase fire hazards due to the presence of flammable materials and hot work.

Business/Commercial Fire Safety Tips

Implement these safety tips to protect your commercial space:

  • Maintain Electrical Equipment: Regularly inspect and service electrical equipment, especially air conditioning units, to prevent overheating.
  • Control Foot Traffic: Manage increased foot traffic with safety measures like clear evacuation paths and designated smoking areas.
  • Regular Fire Drills: With more people in your building, conduct regular fire drills to ensure everyone knows what to do in an emergency.
  • Oversee Construction Activities: If construction or renovation is happening on your property, ensure all safety protocols are being followed and flammable materials are stored properly.

Staying Up-To-Date on Inspections and Maintenance

Ensure routine inspections and maintenance of your fire safety systems. This includes fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler and suppression systems, and fire alarms.

Safety Plan Development

Having a comprehensive safety plan is essential. Total Fire Protection offers safety program development to ensure your business is prepared for potential fire hazards.


Summer’s heat should not catch your business off guard. Be proactive in safeguarding your assets and personnel from potential fire threats. Remember, a safer summer is a successful summer.

Choose Total Fire Protection for comprehensive fire safety solutions. Contact us to safeguard your business this summer.