NFPA Fire Safety Checklist for Food Trucks and Mobile Kitchens

Kitchen fire safety is an important concept for restaurants to keep in mind every time they turn on the stove and even when the cooking isn’t in progress. This safety concern goes for mobile kitchens and food trucks as well. There are kitchen fire safety requirements in place to ensure that these businesses keep safety in mind when operating their cooking equipment. Here are some fire safety requirements food truck and mobile kitchen owners should keep in mind:

Food Trucks and Mobile Kitchens Fire Safety Requirements

looking through a hatch of a mobile catering van with a pizza oven burning inside

There are many fire safety hazards that can exist in food trucks and mobile kitchens. Some of the hazards relate to propane tanks, fire suppression system needs, and portable generators. Food trucks and mobile kitchens deal with different fire safety needs and requirements than their stationary kitchen counterparts, largely due to the size and mobility factors these former establishments feature. Some of the fire safety requirements relate to fire suppression systems, ventilation systems, and fire extinguisher needs. Fortunately, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed a set group of regulations for food truck and mobile kitchen owners and operators to follow.

NFPA Fire Safety Checklist

The NFPA developed new codes that food truck owners and mobile kitchen operators could follow on a nationwide basis. These codes will help to prevent ambiguity and uncertainty that some local regulations provide. With a national code to follow, food truck and mobile kitchen owners know exactly what they need to do to be in compliance with regulations. Here are some NFPA requirements food trucks and mobile kitchens should be aware of:

  • Close-up of an inspection tag on a fire extinguisherProfessionally installed fire suppression system
  • Class K and Class ABC fire extinguishers
  • Proper food truck ventilation system
  • Frequent inspections and cleanings/maintenance of fire safety equipment
  • Regular training for employees on fire safety equipment

These are some of the NFPA fire safety requirements food truck and mobile kitchen owners, operators, and employees must follow. You should always check with your local regulations to ensure you’re meeting these standards as well. It’s imperative to follow these rules and regulations to ensure your food truck or mobile kitchen is in compliance as well as ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

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