Benefits of Upgrading Your Central Monitoring System to Cellular

Keeping your business and the people in it safe is vital. A central fire alarm monitoring system can help you keep a close watch on your property. Even if you currently have a central fire alarm monitoring system in place at your commercial building, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are some general benefits of a central fire alarm monitoring system and why it may be time to upgrade to a cellular system.

Central Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

A central fire alarm monitoring system connects your fire alarm to a central station. Anytime your fire alarm is activated, the central station receives notice and will alert the proper authorities to respond. Central station alarm monitoring provides you with peace of mind that your building is monitored 24/7 and that a quick response will result should an emergency occur.

Benefits of Upgrading to Cellular

There are different types of central fire alarm monitoring systems. One type of alarm system you may want to upgrade to is a cellular fire alarm monitoring system. A cellular fire alarm system or cellular fire alarm communicator is placed within your building, usually on the wall or ceiling. If the fire or smoke alarm is triggered, the device will immediately send a signal to the central station using a cellular signal. The cellular signal is similar to cell phones and how they send and receive voice data.

Here are some benefits of a commercial cellular fire alarm communicator:

  • Transmission is faster with a cellular fire alarm monitoring system which means first responders can respond more quickly to the emergency at your building.
  • Cellular communicators work with the largest cellular networks, so you don’t have to worry about phone lines becoming damaged or the cellular network connection being lost.
  • Cellular service communicators are often more cost-efficient than landline communication systems.
  • Installing a cellular fire alarm system is quick and easy.

By looking at these benefits, you can see why commercial businesses may want to upgrade their current central fire alarm monitoring system to a cellular option.

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