Fire Safety for High Technology Manufacturing Facilities

Professional African-American scientist works in a modern scientific laboratory for the research and development of microelectronics and processors. Microprocessor manufacturing worker uses computer technology and equipment.Fire safety is essential in all industries, especially within high technology manufacturing facilities. If you have a semiconductor manufacturing facility or are in the process of building one, you need to closely examine fire safety measures and identify possible fire hazards that may occur in the operation of your business. Here’s some insight on why semiconductor manufacturing facility fire safety is vital and ways to protect your building along with the people in it.

Importance of Fire Safety in Semiconductor Manufacturing

With the sensitive equipment and products involved in semiconductor manufacturing, it’s important to have the best fire safety methods in place. This is especially true with the cleanroom environment in semiconductor fabrication areas. Due to the large amount of electrical equipment in this industry space, it’s vital that fire safety is on the forefront of all activities for these businesses. Also, hazardous materials, extensive exhaust systems, and gas storage and handling issues make fire safety methods extremely important concepts to consider.

Hazardous Materials

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There are a wide array of physical hazards within semiconductor manufacturing. Some of the physical hazards include flammable liquids, solids, and gases, oxidizer materials, pyrophoric liquids, gases, and solids, compressed gases, and more. Fire safety products must be of such a level so as to combat fires within the area with these hazardous materials in mind. Also, the storage, handling, and separation of hazardous materials must be considered as it relates to fire safety and handling fire issues that occur. In addition, how a fire is extinguished depends on the type of hazardous material present within the building.

Exhaust Systems

Ventilation systems of varying degrees are in place within semiconductor fabrication buildings. The ventilation systems may be present within fabrication areas, cleanrooms, workstations, gas cabinets, and within general exhaust ducts. How potential smoke and fire issues are handled will depend on the ventilation system within the building and various rooms therein.

Gas Storage/Handling

Gas storage and handling of these gases also relate to how fire safety methods are employed. This type of manufacturing facility sees employees working with a lot of different gases. Some of the gases that may be present within the building include flammable, corrosive, oxidizing, pyrophoric, toxic, silane, and types of hydrogen. When fire safety products and methods are used, it’s imperative to consider the presence of all types of gases within the building and how they are stored and handled.

Fire Protection Measures

When a fire protection professional evaluates your semiconductor manufacturing building and fire safety needs, they will recommend specific safety measures depending on the types of materials present within your facility. Here are some fire safety products your building might need to have in place:

The type of fire suppression and safety system your business needs will depend on your individual manufacturing facility and the hazards within it.

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