What Is a Deluge Sprinkler Suppression System and What Makes It Different?

Many fire protection tools keep your business safe, but a sprinkler system is one of the essential systems your business should have. When it comes to sprinkler systems, you’ll find many options. One option is the deluge sprinkler suppression system, but what is a deluge system? And how is it different from the other system types? Continue reading to find out!

What is a Deluge System?

A deluge sprinkler system has dry piping that’s not pressurized and has open sprinkler heads. This system is connected to water supply access that will release when needed. When the heat or smoke detection system activates, the deluge valve opens and releases water to the sprinkler heads to put the fire out.

How is it Different from a Pre-Action Sprinkler System?

A deluge sprinkler suppression system differs from a pre-action sprinkler system in several ways. First, the deluge system covers an ample area, whereas the pre-action sprinkler system is area specific depending on where the extinguishing feature is needed. Additionally, with a deluge system, the sprinkler heads are open as opposed to a pre-action system where all the sprinkler heads are closed. Furthermore, the deluge sprinkler system is used in high-hazard areas where a steady, widespread flow of water or another extinguishing element can do its job.

Are There Other Sprinkler System Options?

In addition to the deluge sprinkler system and the pre-action sprinkler system, there are also other sprinkler system options. For example, the wet pipe sprinkler system features water-filled pipes under pressure. Once the sprinkler head is activated, the sprinklers put out water to extinguish the fire. Another type of sprinkler system is the foam water sprinkler system. With a foam water option, the sprinkler system uses foam to put the fire out. This type of system is useful for areas where water may not work as quickly as needed, such as in buildings containing alcohol or gas.

Note that specific sprinkler systems are best depending on the type of building and what’s located within the building. Therefore, you should consider these aspects when choosing a fire sprinkler system for your business. 

Whether the deluge sprinkler suppression system, pre-action sprinkler system, or another type of fire extinguishing setup is right for your business, Total Fire Protection can help by providing the information and services you need.

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