The Top 10 Fire Safety Mistakes Businesses Make + How to Prevent Them

Fire safety is something all businesses should have on the top of their priorities list. Without the right fire safety products and plans in place, you run the risk of occupants feeling unsafe on your premises which can cause a negative impact on your business. This is why it’s crucial to stay on top of all facets of your fire safety systems.

Some fire safety mistakes relate to the types of fire safety features you have in your building while other problems relate to how your staff is trained to react in the case of an emergency. The following list highlights ten top mistakes businesses make when it comes to fire safety and how to avoid them.

Top 10 Fire Safety Mistakes Within Businesses

    1. Not Having Your Building Inspected: Fire safety inspections are necessary appointments to make. Not only will these inspections help keep your building and the people in it safe, but they’re also likely required by local codes and regulations.
    2. Not Training Your Staff on Fire Safety: Fires occur from time to time and if your staff isn’t prepared on how to respond, the results could be disastrous. Make sure you train your employees on fire safety.
    3. Business Lacks the Proper Fire Safety Tools: There are many necessary fire safety products businesses need to have in place within the premises. Make sure your business has everything you need to prevent fires and react properly should they occur.
    4. Restaurants Don’t Have the Proper Kitchen Hood and Duct System: If your business has a commercial kitchen in it, it’s vital to have a properly working hood and duct system to help prevent kitchen fires.
    5. Fire Safety Products Don’t Work Correctly: Your fire safety products should be inspected on a regular basis and repaired when necessary.
    6. No Fire Safety Plan in Place: Always have a fire safety plan in place so you know exactly what to do in the case of a fire.
    7. Blocked Fire Exits and Bad Signage: Make sure all fire exits are clear and signage is easy to read.
    8. Hazardous Materials Not Stored Correctly: If you have any hazardous materials in your building, make sure you store these items in a correct and safe manner.
    9. Unsafe Electrical Components: Don’t overload electrical outlets and make sure appliances are turned off when not in use.
    10. Not Having a Professional Fire Safety Company Help: Hire a professional fire safety company to help you keep your business fire safe and compliant with local fire safety rules and regulations.

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