Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Fire Protection Company For Your Business

WorkerAn excellent fire protection company will meticulously inspect your building, choose the best fire suppression system for your building, and go above and beyond your expectations. On the other hand, a lackluster fire protection company won’t do any of these tasks, and they may not help you enough to keep fires astray.

When choosing a fire protection company, you should consider the following things:

  •     Years of experience
  •     Number of services
  •     Range of industries serviced
  •     Rigorous hiring methods
  •     Industry association memberships

Now, we don’t want to flaunt too much, but let’s just say we will meet your expectations. And we predict there’s a pretty solid chance we’ll exceed them, too. How are we so sure? Well, let our numbers and services speak for themselves.

The Total Fire Protection Advantage

For 21 years, Total Fire Protection has been performing fire and life safety services for corporate clients, government clients, and residential and commercial buildings across the country. We love our clients, and we’re proud that they love us. But why do they love us?

We don’t skip any detail. We show our clients the cost-benefit analysis of our services, spend time to make sure the client trusts our work, and personalize our every service. And we do everything for our customers. We install, inspect, test, and maintain all kinds of fire protection and life safety systems.

Furthermore, we only hire the best Field Service Technicians available. Each of our technicians is fully vetted, trained, and trusted by our clients and us. Many of our technicians have been on board since the company began.

The biggest differentiator of an excellent fire protection company is its range of services, and we cover the full range.

  •     Do you need to protect the valuables and customers inside your bank? If so, check out our Banking and Finance services.
  •     Maybe you’re constructing a new building, and you want to comply with local, state, and national codes from the get-go. If so, look at our Construction/Development webpage.
  •     We protect educational institutions, too
  •     And we wouldn’t want to see the entertainment industry harmed by preventable fires
  •     Total Fire Protection provides sensitive and responsive fire protection systems for healthcare facilities
  •     We inspect the kitchens and every detail of businesses in the hospitality industry
  •     TFP ensures the safety of landlords and their tenants in all forms of real estate
  •     And we protect the vulnerable kitchens and eating areas of your restaurant
  •     Finally, we make sure that no fires or electrical issues impede your retail space.

Finally, we love our communities: Every year, we give back to organizations like The Kids for Kids Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Maimonides Medical Center NICU.

Want to learn more about Total Fire Protection? If so, read more About Us today.