Get the Correct Building Signage to Comply with FDNY Local Law 115

Sprinkler SystemGet the Correct Building Signage to Comply with FDNY Local Law 115

In an effort to keep residential and commercial buildings as safe as possible, local fire authorities commonly release new requirements that must be met by building and property owners. Recently, the FDNY enacted such changes to Local Law 115 of 2018, which specifically calls all multi-unit property owners to action.

Below, we’re going to go over what the law is, who it impacts, and how and why it needs to be followed.

What is Local Law 115?

Local law 115 is a law that dictates the necessity of certain notices on all doors of apartment buildings and multi-unit residential buildings. It was coupled with Local Law 114 to ensure that residents of such buildings are aware of best practices in the case of a fire.

Who Does it Impact?

The law is meant to benefit residents of any building that contains multiple units, as it provides important instructions on closing doors when escaping from a fire. However, the law calls owners of multi-unit buildings to action to post required signage in conspicuous locations, including shared doors throughout the building.

What Does it Require?

This law requires that all owners of apartment buildings of any size post signs in accordance with the law’s specifications that instruct any residents to close doors behind them when escaping from a fire. It also requires that the signs mention that shared doors such as those leading to stairways and between hallways should remain closed at all times when not in use.

There is a specific requirement that these signs must also include a visual representation of an open door with a fire behind it.

What Happens if You Don’t Comply?

Consequences of not complying with fire laws vary by state, but in New York, any property owner found to be in noncompliance can face large monetary penalties and additional fines if not corrected.

Get FDNY-Approved Signs from TFP

The requirements to abide by local law 115 and to provide approved signs may seem strict, but we make the process easy for you! Contact us today to get signs that have been approved by the FDNY so you can provide your residents with proper information and stay in full compliance with the new law.