How to Accurately Test Your Business’s Fire Alarms

fire alarmFire alarms are essential in any building. These safety devices ensure the occupants of the building are notified in the case of a fire and can exit the building quickly. Fire alarms are especially vital in businesses. Many businesses are required to have fire alarms. Plus, doing so is just smart practice. Fire alarm systems protect the people inside at all times, and you can notify the fire department so they can get to your business quickly. With this in mind, fire alarm testing is essential to ensure your fire alarms work right at all times.

How Often Fire Alarms Should be Tested

Fire alarms should be tested on a periodic basis. In general, you should visually and physically test your fire alarms monthly. However, you should have a licensed fire protection inspection at various intervals, including six months, one year, five years, and ten years and/or in accordance with local regulations. Since you operate a business, there are rules you have to follow according to commercial regulations. Make sure you know what those requirements are so you can comply with them.

Risk of not Testing Them or Doing so Incorrectly

In addition to complying with local regulations, you want to test your business fire alarms at certain times, so they work correctly and do the job they’re meant to do. If you don’t test them or do so incorrectly, any of the following incidents can occur:

  • Injury or loss of life
  • Loss of property
  • Damage to surrounding properties
  • Legal action could be taken against your business

Therefore, you want to make sure you test your business fire alarms on a periodic basis.

How to Test Your Business’s Fire Alarms

If your fire alarm is a simple setup, you can test your system on a monthly basis on your own. For example, you can test smoke detectors in your business simply by pressing and holding the test button to ensure they work. Suppose you have a more complicated system, and you need to comply with the rules and regulations of your local area for specific time periods. In that case, you should have a professional fire protection company handle this job for you. When you trust this vital job to the fire protection experts, you know your system will work correctly in the event of a fire.

Schedule Fire Alarm Maintenance With Total Fire Protection

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