Installation Times – What You Need to Know

There are many fire prevention and fire safety tools your business should have within it. From fire doors to fire safety signs, you want to ensure your premises are fire safe. When it’s time to install a new fire safety product in your building, you might wonder how long each installation will take. This time will vary from job to job depending on different factors. With that said, learning about each fire safety item you may want to install in your building is essential.

Installation Times Vary

When installing fire safety products in your building, you may wonder how long this process takes. The general answer is that it depends. There are a variety of aspects that determine how long an installation process takes for fire safety products. Some determining factors that determine the the length of installation time include the service required, the size of your facility, and any extra features your fire safety tools need.

Fire Safety Installations

There are many different fire safety tools that businesses install on their premises. The options for fire safety products are wide and varied, from fire sprinkler systems to fire alarms. Here are some of the main fire safety installations businesses hire companies to complete:

Fire Sprinkler & Suppression System

The fire sprinkler and suppression system installation can include a variety of product installs. You might be adding a few sprinklers to the premises, or the job may be a full design and installation process. It all depends on the requirements of your building.

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system ensures you, your employees, and your customers are alerted in the case of a fire. The time it takes to install this type of fire safety product depends on the size of your building and the fire safety needs of your company.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Duct Installation

A commercial kitchen exhaust and duct installation are ideal for commercial kitchens. This type of fire safety product helps contain fires in the kitchen area. Since kitchen fires are more common than some other types of fires, this safety product installation is crucial.


Firestopping safety products can be installed in various areas of your building. This type of installation seals openings in the building walls and floors, making it less likely for the effects of any fire to spread.


Fireproofing is another fire safety precaution building owners may take. With fireproofing, the installation process involves applying spray-on fire safety materials throughout the building.

Flame Proofing

Flame proofing is another fire safety technique. With flame proofing, materials are applied to the soft goods and draperies in your building to make them less flammable.

Fire Door

A fire door is a protective door that helps keep fires contained, so they don’t spread to different areas of the building. Many local codes and regulations may also require this type of fire safety product in the business.

Industrial Insulation

Industrial insulation is used with your business’s pipes, ducts, and other connecting items. This helps provide fire safety components to these features in your building.

Emergency Exit Lighting

Emergency exit lighting helps your employees and customers see in the dark should a fire occur, and the lights go out. This fire safety inclusion is vital as it allows people to evacuate the building in a quick and orderly fashion.

Photoluminescent Exit Markers

With photoluminescent exit markers located throughout your building, you can rest easy, knowing people will be able to find the exits with ease in the case of an emergency. Hire a fire safety company to handle this installation process for you and ensure the job is done correctly.

Safety Signage

Safety signage, such as exit signs and fire extinguisher signs, is important to include around your building. When you have these signs in place, people in your facility can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily during an emergency.

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