Restaurant Fire Safety for the Summer

Fire hazards can be present within your business, especially if you own or operate a restaurant. You want to make sure your patrons and employees are safe at your restaurant each and every day. Here are some fire safety considerations related to your restaurant operation:

Indoor Restaurant Safety

Fire safety comes in many forms when talking about the restaurant industry. From ensuring the cooking equipment is fire-safe to reviewing your fire safety procedures and signage to ensure these items are current and ready to put into motion, there are many ways you can make your restaurant fire safe. Here are some fire safety areas to consider as they relate to indoor dining:

  • cooker hood over a stove over a stove in a restaurant.Hood and Duct Cleaning Services: Hood and duct cleaning services are not only important to keep your restaurant fire safe but this type of fire safety service is also required under NFPA 96. A dirty and greasy hood and duct system is a major fire hazard and cleaning this kitchen appliance is a task that should be performed by a professional on a regular basis.
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Services: Your kitchen is your most fire-prone area. On top of keeping your kitchen’s hood and duct clean, having properly installed and regularly maintained kitchen fire suppression systems is another critical defense against potential fires in the kitchen.
  • Fire Doors: Fire doors offer fire safety protection and provide access to exit the building in the case of a fire. Fire doors are also required by law, such as through local and state regulations. Make sure your fire doors are in compliance and work correctly at all times.
  • Safety Signage: Make sure your employees and customers can find their way out of your restaurant with the proper safety signage in place.
  • Fire Exit Condition: It’s vital that the fire exits around your restaurant are clear, unobstructed and noticeable at all times. In the case of a fire in your restaurant, instant egress access is essential. 

Outdoor Dining Safety

With the summer season here, your restaurant may offer outdoor dining options for your guests. Here are some outdoor dining safety aspects to consider to ensure your restaurant keeps customers and employees safe:

  • Outdoor green exit sign leading to inside a building restaurantSpace Heaters: Your restaurant may have space heaters situated outside around the dining tables and seating areas of your patio. Make sure you have the cords properly situated to prevent a tripping hazard. You should also consider how close the Co2 detectors are to the space heaters and take steps to prevent a fire/burn risk.
  • Outdoor Seating Easily Accessible and Walkable: It’s also important to make sure your outdoor dining space is easily accessible for all and people can walk around the outdoor patio to get to and from their seats.
  • Fire Extinguishers Available Outside: It’s not only vital to have fire extinguishers inside the restaurant, but you should also have these fire safety products located in reach of any outdoor dining fires that may occur and need to be put out by a fire extinguisher.

Keep your restaurant and its occupants safe from fires and other emergency situations with the help of Total Fire Protection products and services. 

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