Smart / IoT Fire Protection Systems

Basic fire protection systems are being replaced with more technologically advanced options. One newer type of fire safety product that may be right for your commercial building is a smart or Internet of Things (IoT) fire protection system. Here’s some information on IoT fire protection systems and how this type of fire safety product may be a better option for your commercial building or facility.

Understanding IoT

IoT is a general concept of connecting physical objects to the Internet and giving them a smart aspect. This type of technology is often used in building maintenance, where real-time data can highlight where repairs and services need to be completed. IoT is also being used more often with fire protection products and safety equipment. Some examples of this include monitoring fire safety equipment from outside locations and fire detection assistance.

IoT Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

IoT with regard to fire safety and suppression systems can aid in a lot of different areas for the protection of property and individuals within the buildings. Here are some areas where IoT plays a large part these days:

  • Early Warning Systems: The IoT system can be attached to your fire alarms and alert the fire department when an alarm or sprinklers are activated. The sooner a fire is detected, the more quickly the fire department can respond and it can be extinguished.
  • Management of Fire Safety Equipment: IoT systems may also monitor fire safety equipment in your building. The technology system can monitor your fire extinguishers to show when they’ve been used or if they’re misplaced. This type of system can also monitor fire sprinklers and detail if any of these need to be repaired.
  • System Diagnostics and Analytics: With an IoT fire safety system, the system diagnostics and analytics can be easily monitored from any location. This ensures your fire safety equipment is working correctly at all times.
  • Temperature Sensors: IoT temperature sensors can be set up within your building and provide a warning when the temperature starts to rise signaling a potential fire in an area in the building. The IoT system can detect exactly where this temperature rise may be and alert the fire protection agency. These temperature sensors can also integrate with alarms, safety devices, and other fire equipment for seamless operation.

The Future of IoT Systems

There are a lot of IoT advancements already in place. However, as technology continues to evolve, IoT systems will do so as well. This means more effective fire safety products and fire response will likely be the result.

Find out more about IoT fire safety systems and see if these types of fire products are right for your building.

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