The Advantages of Clean Agent Suppression Systems for High-Value Assets

Fire suppression systems come in many forms, from regular water sprinkler systems to specialized fire suppression systems. One type of specialized fire suppression system is the clean agent suppression system. This fire safety system is used in specific industries and buildings where valuable items within the structure cannot withstand water from a sprinkler system. Here’s information on clean agent suppression systems and why your facility may need one instead of the water-releasing fire safety system.

Understanding Clean Agent Suppression Systems

A clean agent suppression system is a fire safety system that uses something other than water to put a fire out in your building, for example, a chemical gaseous substance. This fire safety system is ideal for facilities and rooms containing items that must not get wet. Similar to a fire suppression system that uses water, the clean agent system activates the substance as a water system would and extinguishes the fire. The clean agent suppression system is most useful in buildings/rooms such as server rooms, libraries, museums, labs, and medical facilities; however, this type of system can be used in any other room where this substance is appropriate and where the items in the room would be damaged if water was used in the suppression system.

Advantages of Using Clean Agent Suppression Systems for High-Value Assets

There are many advantages to using a clean agent suppression system instead of a fire safety system that uses water. Some of the top benefits include the following:

  • No water damage: Since the clean agent suppression system uses extinguishing elements other than water, there is no water damage to contend with, and your property items are safe.
  • Safe for high-value materials: This type of suppression system uses a clean agent which is safe for high-value materials.
  • Minimal cleanup and downtime: Water damage can be expansive when your fire sprinkler system has to activate. When you have a clean agent suppression system, you’ll have less cleanup and less downtime when your business is closed for the cleanup.
  • Fast-acting protection: A clean agent suppression system works fast to extinguish the fire and protect your belongings and the people in your building.
  • Environmentally friendly: Clean agent suppression systems are environmentally friendly, allowing you to maintain safety while also considering the environment.
  • Occupant safety: The clean agents are both non-toxic and non-corrosive, so they are safe to use with people in the building.

          If your building has items that shouldn’t get wet in case of a fire, it’s time to look into adding a clean agent suppression system to your property if you don’t already have one. Total Fire Protection can help you with all of your clean agent suppression system needs.

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